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Everything you need to perform reconnaissance

Built by hackers, for hackers.

Internet-Scale Architecture

Internet-Scale Architecture

Built with distributed systems in mind, resync is able to scale to any workload thrown at it efficiently and quickly.

Next Generation Database Technology

Next Generation Database Technology

resync takes advantage of next-generation graph database technology to quickly identify and surface interesting patterns across all our data.

Aim for Accuracy

Aim for Accuracy

False positives are frustrating. resync takes an emphasis on accuracy at every stage of reconnaissance to ensure our data is as reliable as possible without compromising on our speed or results.

Built with Rust

Built with Rust

Uses carefully redesigned rust-based reconnaissance tooling.

Faster-than-light Dataplane

Faster-than-light Dataplane

Take advantage of both heavily engineered distributed systems and our new faster-than-light Cherenkov dataplane to gather information across thousands of assets simultaneously.

Find it first

Find it first

Leveraging resync in your recon methodology will give you the edge you need to finding what you're looking for, first.

Take recon to a new scale

Get access to the most reconnaissance possible.

Average Scan Runtime
19 Hours
Continously Monitored
17 Orgs
Per Machine
> 5 Mpps

About Us

Behind the code

Fun fact: we met through NahamSec.

  • d0nutptr

    Nathanial Lattimer (d0nutptr)

    Lead Security Engineer - Grapl Inc.

    Nathanial is a lead security engineer at Grapl inc. — a next generation SIEM for detection engineers and incident responders. He got his start doing security work professionally at Dropbox where he was in charge of their world-class bug bounty program. Falling in love with the bug bounty community, he becomes a bug hunter in the second half of 2018 and has found numerous bugs on DoD, Uber, DuckDuckGo, and others.

  • Bram Gagliardi (securibee)

    Web Developer - Freelance

    Bram is a creative problem solver that tackles tough web design and product problems. Using his expertise, he's able to rapidly develop beautiful, fast, and secure experiences. He was introduced to info security and bug bounties in 2019. It was an eye-opening moment, which led him to become involved in the thriving community. He started bug hunting in 2020 and has found bugs on HackerOne, Basecamp, Stripe, and others.

Build in Public

Be a part of the process

See what resync is all about, give feedback, or just hang out.

  • Give direct feedback, which allows us to deliver the best product.
  • Get a sneak peek of what’s to come, and share in the excitement.
  • To interact with end-users enables us to iterate at an exponential pace.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to us on Twitter or tune into a Twitch stream.

Who is resync meant for?
Bug hunters and engineers in the security space that work on and near reconnaissance problems.
What is the reasoning behind resync?
Recon is an incredibly interesting engineering problem. What started as a side project has grown into a full-fledged platform.
What makes resync different from other solutions?
It's massively scaleable and easily extensible. It focuses on high accuracy, scale, and speed.
What kind of recon does resync collect?
We currently focus on collecting domains, a variety of DNS records, IP addresses, ports, virtual hosts, and path discovery information; in the future we intend to collect additional data such as repositories and more.
When will resync go live?
We have no hard timeline on when we'll go live, but we're hoping to start getting community feedback by sometime in May.
How much will resync cost?
We'll have a better picture on pricing in the future when we get closer to our public launch, though there'll be several tiers to meet everyone's needs.
What's with the graphs?
resync leverages a graph database to allow us to perform a variety of queries significantly faster than would be possible with standard relational or NoSQL databases. This allows us to identify potentially vulnerable targets with a single query.

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